"Every day I work with the same passion.  Every day the challenge is different..."

Born in Montreal, Canada, Sophie is passionate about art since her early age.  Her first art classes were at the age of five. She says she was probably born with a paintbrush in her hand.  But it is only at the turn of 2000 that life allows her to free her passion to begin painting and drawing more regularly, and more recently has been painting full time.  She has since participated in multiple exhibitions in Canada.

She lets her imagination create expressionist pieces of work which deeply reflect her feelings and personality with a result that one will discover and appreciate through his/her own eyes.

At times, she marries abstract techniques and expressionism to capture animals, human beings and other natural elements to deliver them with strength, emotion, motion and leaves room for imagination and one's own interpretation.

Her paintings observe us with their own emotion as much as we observe them. They are the mirror of Sophie’s passion for her work from the research of the subject all the way to the final brushstroke.