As a husband and wife artist team, we’ve been designing and creating contemporary, one of a kind mixed media wall sculptures and weavings in copper for nearly 20 years. Our collaborative approach is a mix of art, engineering, and business smarts plus a shared passion for what we think is the most versatile and beautiful of alloys.  The result of our partnership is a distinctive body of work that has been described as complex, vibrant, joyful, earthy, playful, and even opulent.  

Our inspiration comes from nature and the world around us, but also from our materials and methods, which tend to have a mind of their own, with often unexpected—and occasionally exciting—results. We’ve learned to good naturedly embrace this unpredictability and to mine it for the creative stimulus it brings. 

For us, teamwork is key, though our roles are never set in stone. Together we tackle the design process, and having finalized that, trade the work back and forth between our two studios until it is complete. 

Our work has always been experimental in nature and has evolved with the incorporation of new methods and materials. Weaving and layering reflect a long-held interest in pattern and texture. Resin has come into play as a response to Sheri’s craving for bolder colors and the depth resin creates.  We are excited about the incorporation of enamel, acrylic, and inks with resin is our newest work. 

You can find us creating at our studio in Cave Creek, Arizona. We exhibit at the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale and at select juried fine art festivals around the country. Our work can be found in residences, offices, and commercial spaces nationally and internationally.