Coral Awakening (36x24)

Coral Awakening (36x24) $2900

Pixie Stick #19

Pixie Stick #19 (24x6) $600

Color Meditation Quintet (48x12)

Color Meditation Quintet (48x12) $9300

Tapas 1 (12x12) $600

Tapas 1 (12x12) $600

Tapas 2 (12x12) $600

Tapas 2 (12x12) $600

Entwine (24x8.5) $850

Entwine (24x8.5) $850

Bonnie Teitelbaum

Painting Style

My paintings are done mostly in acrylics. I use many techniques and materials such as rubbing alcohol, glue, molding and crackle pastes to list a few. These elements are used with acrylic paints.

I have many layers in my paintings starting off with a strong underpainting, then sandwich layers of paint between pours of clear gel.  This provides a clear barrier for light to travel through the layers giving a sense of depth, like looking in a tidal pool.  As the painting is built up in these layers of paint and gel, the paint applied becomes lighter and more transparent. 

I work on panels and paint or wrap the painting image around all sides making for a finished piece that does not need framing.  Work is signed on the back as well as on the side if there is space. Title, dimensions, and my inventory number are also on the back.   Paintings are wired on the back and wire ends are wrapped to protect fingers when hanging.

Artist Statement

My work is of a contemplative measure. It is born from a collaboration of creative instinct and personal reflection. These paintings reflect my love of nature and peace of mind.

I create paintings with a sensual beauty, using color in a delicate, multi-layered manner to lure you into a mindful state of internal conversation.

It is my intention to evoke a memory, a feeling, and a sense of joy. I want to connect with the viewer on a level only they can know, making the painting their own.


I was born in Tucson, Arizona into a military family.  We moved every few years so I had the opportunity to live in Japan, the Philippines and Germany and many states before attending college in Flagstaff, Arizona. During that time, I met and 6 years later married Alan Teitelbaum. Since then we moved across the country and back finally settling in Santa Fe, NM in 1992.

Art was always a hobby and first went professional when I opened Jameson-Teitelbaum Designs, a graphic design firm. Ran this business for many years, with a small staff and corporate clients like Hewlett Packard.

I changed professionally from commercial art to fine art in 2001 and entered a gallery in Santa Fe in 2002.  Working in my home it was decided to build an art studio on the property and we did that in 2008. That is where you will find me these days.

Flight (22x22)

Flight (22x22) $1800

Dance (48x36)

Dance (48x36) $6000

Underlying Condition (54x18) $3400

Underlying Condition (54x18) $3400