Dominique developed her style of acrylic painting over 40 years. She layers deep textures and a rich palette of colors. Often, she creates a series of works which, together, tell a multifaceted story.  Her primary inspirations are color, light, sun and nature which she molds to create her florals and landscapes.  Her paintings are described by the art community as vibrant, gestural abstracts. Boisjoli is very well known in the Southwest and Canada.  In addition, for the last 20 years, Boisjoli has been teaching classes which foster creativity and creative thinking through painting and critique. Her students, through her teaching and coaching develop amateur styles and some go on to become professional artists. Boisjoli describes her own work as such: “When I start a painting, I have a vision in my mind. The first gesture is very spontaneous. As the painting progresses, I feel the gap between my mind and the painting closing more and more. The vision in my mind and the painting become one. I try to create a beautiful mood. I love life and want to share that message in my work. All of my paintings are connected by a happy thread of gold leaf which complete the story. I will say my last words when I will paint my last floral or landscape waterfall. Each painting is a great opportunity to express and it really comes in different ways. I want to touch souls with a splash of happiness.”